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A land trust is a private, community supported, tax exempt, nonprofit corporation, which can legally acquire land and conservation easements for the public benefit.


The Land Trust NETWORK focuses on the protection of Wisconsin's natural and wildlife areas, agricultural lands and woodlands, recreational areas, waterways and wetlands, scenic, historical, and archaeological sites, regardless of the land's location, size, or topography.


The Land Trust NETWORK partners with private landowners, conservation organizations, local parks departments, and town, city, county, state, and federal government organizations, to aid in the preservation of Wisconsin's natural resources, and to aid in the procurement of funds for land preservation projects.


Landowners voluntarily sell or donate land and/or conservation easements to the land trust and always receive compensation in some form.  Compensation may be in the form of cash for the sale of their land or conservation easement, or, in the case of donated land or conservation easements, a tax deduction is given for the value of the donation, to the extent allowed by law. 


Land trusts can own conservation easements in perpetuity and land trusts often work with landowners to accomplish estate planning objectives.


Land trusts are eligible for grants from private foundations and government agencies, and donations received from individuals are tax deductible.




Purchase of land-Landowners receive monetary compensation. 


Purchase of a Conservation Easement-Landowners retain ownership of their land and receive compensation for the sale of an easement placed on their land, and the land trust monitors and enforces the easement in perpetuity.


Donation of land-Landowners receive tax deductions for the value of their donated land.


Donation of a Conservation Easement-Landowners retain ownership of the land and also receive a tax deduction for the value of the donated development rights to that land.


Bargain Sale-the land trust pays a price under the fair market value and the landowner receives a tax deduction for the difference.


If you are interested in any of these programs please contact the Land Trust Network of Jefferson County by writing to:



P.O. Box 142

Watertown, WI  53094


or email us at: landtrustnetwork@tds.net

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