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Land Trust Network


The Land Trust Network (LTN) is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit land conservation organization that can legally acquire land and conservation easements. These lands are then held in the public trust and are protected in perpetuity.


The Land Trust NETWORK focuses on the protection of:

  • natural and wildlife areas
  • agricultural lands and woodlands
  • recreational areas
  • waterways and wetlands
  • scenic, historical, and archaeological sites
  • regardless of the land's location, size, or topography
    (LTN helps landowners anywhere in Wisconsin)


To date the Land Trust Network has participated in 50 land preservation projects in southern Wisconsin by providing funds or matching conservation easement value. 


The Land Trust Network has received 2 donated parcels of land and 45 donated conservation easements throughout Wisconsin which has resulted in the permanent protection of over 6,000 acres of Wisconsin’s natural resources in 11 Wisconsin counties.

The Land Trust Network can accept the donation of land or conservation easements, and can purchase land and conservation easements, anywhere in Wisconsin. LTN's ability to acquire land and conservation easements through purchase or donation has enabled the LTN to protect these lands for the benefit of future generations. LTN members continually monitor these lands and easements.


We thank you for your interest in the Land Trust Network and please visit our website often as we continually update our website with new information on our land preservation projects.


Please contact us if you areinterested in any of our land preservation programs, or for general information on the Land Trust Network.

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